Friday, November 13, 2015

Lasagna Soup

Last night my daughter sent me a link to a recipe for something called lasagna soup.

I'm Italian.

There is no such thing as lasagna soup.

This is something that a housewife tired of making casseroles came up with. Right?

Basically. From what I can gather.

But, whatever. I'll give it a try. And as usual, not following the recipe but using it as rather a guide.

Here we go.

Remember....this is me making up a try and follow along.

I used 4 links (one package) of Fit and Active brand Fresh Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage. I cut the casing off and squeezed out the sausage into my big soup pot with about 2 tbsp of olive oil.

To that I added one chopped onion. I browned the sausage and chopped as I went (like ground beef).  I added a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes then filled that can up three times with water and added that to the pot.

Slice two zucchinis and add to the pot.

Seasonings - a tablespoon (or more...totally your preference) of chicken bouillon.
These, are totally up to you. I add seasonings to this is a guess-ta-mate.
                     1/2 tbsp- salt
                     2 tsp - pepper
                     2 tsp - garlic powder
                     1/2 tbsp - dried chopped basil (if you have it, you can add fresh basil at serving!)
                     2 tsp - paprika

Then cover and let all that cook for about 20 minutes....until the zucchini is tender. Then add your noodles. Again...totally up to you. I had a few lasagna noodles left over from the last one I made, so I broke those in and then added a package of wheat penne pasta.

Cook until the noodles are done and VOILA! It was delicious.

I have had so many ask me for the recipe that I decided to blog it....and I only have one pic. Dangit! I knew I should've brought my camera in the kitchen!

So, I'm sold. I won't Dago Snob this recipe. It was really good and can have SO many different variations from adding mushrooms to mini mozzarella balls or making it vegetarian.

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