Monday, December 21, 2015

The Power Of Makeup

I'm 45.

I take a breath every time I say that. I've been taking a breath for the past five years when I say my age. I can barely form the sound for FOURty without having a rush of panic flow through me and a slight veil of sweat forming on my upper lip and trickling down my back.

Forty. Five.

It's no secret, most women hate getting older. I'm no exception. In my forties I've been diagnosed with more chronic pain illnesses than I care to mention and that's on top of a couple I had since my twenties. My skin is sagging. Bags are getting bigger. My forehead has started to wrinkle. The corners of my mouth are drooping. I still get zits. My hands look old. My neck has wrinkles.

None of it do I like.

Makeup doesn't seem to help these days. Or does it?

I started wearing makeup in the early 80s. A time of black eyeliner in the eyes, blue eyeliner and shadow, raccoon mascara and big hair. I've learned to lighten up.

But, for today's purpose, I went a bit dramatic. Just to prove a point. And that point is, even a person of my old and zitted and haggared age, makeup works magic.

The movement, if you will, was spawned by the popular beauty blogger known as NikkieTutorials shared a video about the “power of makeup.” She said many people shame women who love makeup, claiming that they’re only wearing it to impress men or hide their insecurities.

For a lot of young women, they use makeup as a way to express themselves or hone their beauty talents....a myriad of reasons really. Me? I use it to pretend I'm younger again.

I post a lot of myself without make up on my Instagram. I've learned not to be ashamed of my face. I grew up being told not to even leave my room without makeup. That tells a young girl that she has to wear makeup or you're not pretty. It basically told me no one wanted to see my face unless it was dolled up. It made me hate my freckles and uneven skin tone. Makeup taught me how to make myself look more attractive. I taught myself all that 'bad' stuff is pretty cool.

So, yeah, it took years for me to realize my face is my face and I should love it. It was having my daughters that showed me the real importance of teaching young women to love themselves.

And here I am with my own version of The Power Of Makeup.

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