Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

My youngest daughter and I only had one short conversation about her biodad today. It went like this.

Kid - "What's dad's phone number so I can text him for Father's Day?"

Me- "You're more of a man than he is. Kudos"

Kid- "HA! And I'm not even a man!"

Me- "Exactly, grasshopper."

For her 'dad' (who is my husband) she got a sweet card, wrote in it and got him a big bag of espresso...he a HUGE coffee man. It should be noted that it was done without my prompting, in other words, all on her own.  Some might think I make her do things or put ideas in her head, but she's her own person.

That speaks volumes to me.

Even though her biodad did all that he's done to her, she still at least texts him on Father's Day. She still carries around pain and abandonment issues and has a lot to say to him one day...she still texts him.  That's more than he's done for her in years.

It makes my heart swell that she cares for my husband like he does. It punches him right in the feelers. He made pasta salad from scratch for her on Father's Day, because he knows she loves it, and packed some away for her to take to work today. It's just all so gooshy.

Happy Father's Day, y'all.  Even my daddie who I miss very much.

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