Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dear Early 80s....WHY?

I look back to the many, many formal dresses I wore in the 80s. Two of my brothers went to a military school and there were two 'formals' a year, so I had a LOT of formal dresses.

The styles changed throughout the years and the 80s were awesome for fashion. Except the early 80s, in my opinion.

I looked at my dress for one of the 'balls' the military school held. I was 12 or 13 and it was 1982 or 1983...I think. My mind is a black hole these days.

What I want to know is....Why were formal dresses styled either after a colonial nightgown or a plantation dress? That's all I can fathom... What's up with the all the lace and the high neck? And the line of ruffle 3/4 the way down the skirt?

It was a fad that swept the nation.

Image result for 1983 prom dress

Also....there were a LOT of petticoats being worn. What the hell?

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

The closest I got was a petticoat minus the plastic was just a complete tulle one. 

This was my mom's 1950s prom dress that she had to let the back out
by adding lace because I had the boobies at 13 she didn't have at 18. 

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