Monday, September 12, 2016


I'm a movie buff.  I love 'em. Good ones, bad ones and horror mostly.

What I do when I know a movie is based on true story, is ruin the movie for myself. By that, I mean I look up the facts on the case or story. Generally, I'm disappointed.

Because Hollywood is about money and names - they tend to mess up the truth with glitz, stars and more drama that's really my opinion.

How happy were we all when Leonardo DiCaprio WON an oscar for The Revenant?!  I mean, it was a crazy movie. And the fact that the director used no artificial light and had the actors really in the freezing elements was high on my list for making a story that really happened just THAT more real.  But, looking up the actual story of Hugh Glass, I was disappointed by the dramatic effects that the movie took. In actual facts, there was no son that was murdered.  And Glass did not kill John Fitzgerald. And in all the accounted for voices of the story of the bear attack, Glass was not attacked alone, there were at least two other trappers involved in the bear attack.

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The real story, for me anyway, is far more important that the made up drama that won awards. I think an actual depiction up until his death would have been more interesting.

Then there are movies that cast famous actors who look nothing like the person they are portraying. To me, it ruins the story because when you look at a person you have to imagine what they do in life, relationships, work etc in the body you see before you.

The story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz in "War Dogs" irks me. Jonah Hill in no way resembles David Packouz....and trying to imagine him as a stoner massage therapist isn't working for me. Despite the obvious age difference....there is the weight difference.

While Miles Teller is a hottie, he has hair. A huge part of Diveroli's look is that he is bald. It calls for a lot of imagination on my part to pretend I didn't look up the real people. I know it's my own doing, but come on Hollywood!  TRY!

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I won't go into Cuba Gooding Jr playing OJ Simpson. Seriously?

Besides the horrible depictions of actual people don't stop with just looks. Hollywood, time and again, poses the wrong nationality. Why can't an Asian person be played by an ASIAN ACTOR?!?! Or Native American? Or Indian? Or Hispanic? Why are white actors in these roles?

Did you know that in the movie Short Circuit (1986) the actor playing Ben Jabituya was a white dude named "Fisher" using a horribly offensive 'Indian Accent'?  Hell, Apoo on the Simpsons was a white dude. Come on, Hollywood. 

Ok. My rant for today is over because I know there's more important things going on in the who the hell is sitting for the National Anthem (don't get me started). 

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