Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hocus Pocus

I love Halloween. I love scary movies. I love cold weather.

I wish I could have them all year around. Honestly, I'd settle for cold weather year 'round.

1993 ......ahem...The SUMMER of 1993 is when Hocus Pocus came out and it hasn't lost any steam in all those years. I still can't believe it's been that long.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a blog from someone who did a self appointed walking tour of the locations in Massachusetts that appeared in the movie. I'd move to Salem in a heartbeat myself. The history, the weather, the architecture and nature. Come on! Let's go!

But since it's not currently in the stars....I took my 'walking tour' of sorts...via Google Maps

This is Dani and Max's house. The exact address is actually 4 Ocean Avenue.  It sits right on the 
banks of Salem Harbor and the view is beautiful.  I believe it's a private residence, but I'm sure
there are plenty of lookie-loos taking photos daily. It's a gorgeous home!
I can see Max and Allison sitting in the little tower at the top!

This is Allison's house where the exteriors were shot. This is the Ropes Masion at 318 Essex. 
It's owned by the museum and "Instead of traditional timed tours, guests can freely circulate throughout 15 rooms of the home, exploring the property at their own pace." There are guides there, but I think it's
Awesome you can just roam. The house was built around 1727 and was home to about four
generations of the Ropes family. I'm not sure that the interior shots were inside the house, usually
they'd be shot on a sound stage. But I'd still LOVE to tour this house!

Thackery Binx's village was shot at the Salem Pioneer Village.  It was built in 1930 to mark the 
tercentennial of Massachusetts and is America's first living history museum. Can you imagine walking 
through this village? Ugh. I'd be in heaven. 

Other exterior shots were taken at Plymouth Plantation as well. 

The Sanderson Sisters' cottage location was also in the Pioneer Village. I just want to go
and just walk around with my camera day and night. 

Max's high school location was an elementary school. 

Old Burial Hill, overlooking Marblehead Harbor.

The daytime cemetery shot where Max confronts the two tards from town is Old Burial Hill.
It's the oldest cemetery in New England and it's just picturesque as all get out!
I mean, the headstones I've looked up are not only old, but so interesting with skull and
crossbones like you'd see in any creepy movie!

If anyone wants to buy me a one way ticket....I'm gone!!!

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