Saturday, September 24, 2016

Treat Your Body.....and your senses!

FALL is here!  Moreso up North than here in the South. But it's here, nonetheless. It's never too early to care for your skin!

And with winter comes dry, itchy skin. My hands get rough and my face gets dry. All my soaps are Olive Oil based for moisturizing your skin! Whether you want to feel invigorated with Eucalyptus or relaxed with the Oatmeal Honey....we've got you covered!

My lip balms will also moisturize those chapped lips! Peppermint and Eucalyptus perks you up or get the Orange clove to relax. They are all delicious smelling and wonderfully moisturizing for your lips! Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil blend with the essential oils perfectly!

If you have a guy with a buff beard....check out the bear oils!

Please go to and visit the body shoppe!

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