Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DIY Liquid Laundry Detergent

The older I get, the more I say, "If I can make it, I'm not going to buy it!"  Then I challenge myself to do so.

Soap, lotion, bug spray, shaving soap, lip balms, jewelry and more. I've done it. I think my lip balms are the best. I can't keep enough stocked!

My next dive into the DIY realm was laundry soap. I researched many recipes. Dry and liquid recipes are abundant online. I decided to bypass the dry detergent because I loathe it. Period. I don't like dry powdered soap left behind on clothes and I hate washing...then re-washing dark clothes because of residue.

And the recipe is fine in cold water or hot and for older and front loading washers.

The recipe I found couldn't be easier at New Nostalgia ....basically if you can boil water, you can make this detergent. The ONLY thing I changed is the amount of cold water just to make a little more concentrated detergent...we have pets and stains and smells.....I want power. LOL

I haven't done the math on how much per load this is...but I'd have to guess it is pennies. And comparing the LOW cost of this soap to the store bought detergent with chemicals and rashy scents they comparison.

Ingredients are :

3 tbsp Washing Soda
3 tbsp Castile Soap
3 tbsp Borax
4 cups boiling water
10 cups of cold water
Essential Oil for scent (completely optional)

PS - I'm working on dishwasher detergeant soon as I have it mastered, I'll be posting that as well!

Watch the video below

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