Monday, October 3, 2016

Label Residue Remover

I can't believe I'm writing a blog about this.  I mean, I've forever had bottles and/or jars with label smudge left on after soaking and scraping. Anyone who's tried to reuse bottles and jars has certainly run into this problem. Right?

I've looked online and found remedies like soaking in rubbing alcohol or using fingernail polish remover or cooking oil to remove the sticky residue leftover from trying to remove labels. BUT, I've also come across article after blog entry talking about....of all things....peanut butter.

Really? How in the world does peanut butter remove the schmootz of stickiness from a label?!? I know it gets gum out of hair....because I had to do it on trip to New Orleans....don't ask...and I have children. So I suppose the science that helps remove gum from hair works for residue from jars.....and it works on glass and plastic

Here's the video of a still sick-with-the-flu me performing the miracle of residue removal....I was just so tickled it worked last night that I had to throw a video together today!

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