Saturday, November 19, 2016

Easiest and Cheapest Christmas Stocking Ever

I'm known for forever redoing Christmas stockings. I always say I want a set of matching stockings. I've had them before...and they last a few years. Then I switch them up...again and again. It's a habit now.

I wasn't going to do any stockings this year at all. I did semi new ones last ones, I guess you could call them. But then I found myself at the Dollar Tree....go figure....and I saw the cutest stockings.

Cutest by dollar store standards. They are gunny sack material with a red glitter stencil.  I was taken aback because this didn't seem like dollar store quality...or look. They aren't glitzy or over done. They're not tacky or really cheap looking.

Gunny sack fabric on the front and felt backing. All I had to do was monogram them.

The first thing that comes to mind to a lot of people is, "Go get some glitter glue!!!"  Trust me. I have to fight that voice. Come on....who doesn't love GLITTER GLUE?!?  I have to tell myself that I'm a grown up now and do some adulting in this DIY project. (ʘ‿ʘ)

 I got five stockings. That's FIVE BUCKS, y'all. And I walked out. I didn't even go to the glitter glue aisle. I adulted my way out of the store.

I came home and held on to them for a few days. I wanted to mull over if I was going to do monograms or stencils or entire names or glue on felt. But the more I looked at the stockings, the more I wanted to go SIMPLE. Again...fighting the glitter glue voice. Must....Not....Get....Tacky.....

I decided on a monogram. While we have three 'J' names in our family, I always hang the stockings in order of age. They know who's is who's.

The next decision was font. I like to customize things when I can and I always try to find a way to do it all myself. Easiest way was my printer and computer. I played with fonts and sizes until I found what I thought looked good and printed out the letters. Then, with an exacto blade, I cut them out (saving any inside pieces needed for the stencil).

After that, I just lay the paper down on top of the stocking and paint. I used a sponge brush for the ease of 'doppling' the paint and gold paint I had. With the three 'J' stockings, I was able to use one printing of the letter. As long as you don't use globs of paint, plain paper stencils will work great!

All in all, it took about half an hour from beginning to finish, including printing and cutting out. That's not bad at all for a project that cost me $5.oo and came out looking my opinion.

And even though they came out cute as buttons....I had to fight that voice again. "You have a TON of glitter in your desk! Go get it!! SPRINKLE IT ON!!!"  I fought the urge.

I know I'll end up at Michael's buying some sort of trim or something for the toe. I can't just leave them like this. I know I should, but I think I get possessed by Liberace and am compelled to add glitz. HALP.

I ended up adding one more element, miniature garland at the seam under the monogram. Simple, but it finished them off perfectly. I really like them hung altogether on the mantle.

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